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Just bought a house or want to reform your house to make it comfortable, functional and beautiful, but you don’t know how to start?? There are so many things to take into account that you get overwhelmed, you are scared to fail and you need someone who guides you.

Your child needs a new room, but there are so many possibilities that you get stressed . You need someone who helps you to choose the best option, the one which satisfies all your needs also that he won’t want to get out of his new room.

Or maybe you are tired of taking a look to all the shops, magazines, or social media t, but you don’t know how to make your ideas true. You need someone to make the ideas true and someone who shows you how they can fit in your home.
We’ve seen many people in the same situation as yours and we want to help you. We suggest having
“A date with your home”
We will shape your dream house together



You will feel that, someone listens and understands you. You won’t be afraid or stressed anymore. On top of that, you will feel EXCITED

You willknow for sure that you home will be cool and now it s will no longer depend on you

You will feel that someone holds your hand and you’ll enjoy it. It will be a very grateful experience

We will enjoy the process and we will make you enjoy it too

Do you say YES to a date with us?

Come to El Jimenado, near Torre Pacheco with previous date and we can meet in pur creative space. Click on “I want a date” and we will contact you. 
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Save time, calls and commutes

Enjoy the best design in your own house

In our shop you can find the best furniture, brands, designers, … speacilly chosen by our staff among the best.

For all styles and spaces

Contemporary, industrial, nordic…. We have everything for each room of your home. Personalize your furniture between a variety of sizes, materials and colours.

Living rooms| Bedrooms | Kids’ rooms | Office and work spaces | Kitchens | Wardrobes and closets | Bathrooms | Lighthing | Fabrics, curtains and carpets | Rest | Garden furniture























Have the best national and international furniture and design brands

Cúbica's Black Cubic

Cubo negro es nuestra galería, un proyecto en colaboración con Fail Studio con el que producimos obras de arte exclusivas, originales y únicas. Cada uno entiende el arte a su manera y nosotros lo interpretamos así, divertido y canalla.
Por eso te proponemos una selección de obras coloridas, alegres y con rollo con nuestro Gallo Juan Antonio, nuestro novio particular El Jhony, los abstractos el Soft, el Hard, el Fondo del Mar o la Selva… Todas estas obras también nos sirven de guía a la hora de proponer temas y acabados para vosotr@s.

That's how we work

4 steps for living in a unique place


When you fill in the form, we contact you and you will tell us your curiousities, dreams, desieres and expectations related to your home or space. We will ask you for measures, details and relevant issues for the next meeting.


2 We will prepare a project based on the information you’ve given us . We take into account your space and desires, so that t the project we will display you the next meeting talks about youvand how you woukd love to live.


Together, we’ve reached the best solution for dressing your space. We will manage everthing, to achieve the perfection. Transport, installation and final tocuhes are carreid out by our team.


Enjoy your space totally realx!!

About us

Cúbica muebles history

Cúbica Muebles arises from the need of being happy, feeling done and done something in life you really likes.

People behind Cúbica Muebles are Bartolo García and my brother, José Francisco García. We spent part of our childhood with our father  working at our family business dedicated to wholesale of fruits and vegetables. He gave everything we couldn’t enjoy  to each of his five children. 

My brother and I are gratefull, but neither of us liked that work to continue his legacy. I studied Law at University, but during my studies I realized that it didn't make me happy. During the boring moments of study, I used to spend time making plans on sheets of paper. I redesigned my parent's and grandparent's houses and I imagined me living in them.

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Furniture and contract accessories for professionals

We make your job easy as a designer and decoration professional

Are you an interior designer, architect or a professional in the sector? Would you like to access to a wide range of furniture, decoration and accessories from a single supplier? And, what’smore would you like to meet with your clients in a attractive, comfortable and cool place?

Cúbica Muebles offers you multiple furniture, decoration, fabrics and endings brands, so you can make your equipment selection job even easier. You would also meet with your clients and present your projetcs in our space, so the experiencia will be even more grateful.

Do you still have doubts ?

This is for you if…….

  • You desire living in a comfortable and functional but at the same time pretty, styled and chic house.
  • You are what we call,  being cool and having  your own style, strong personality. So  want your home to reflect you. 
  • You don’t have much money but you care about your home as much as you care about your personal image, and you want your home to be as cool as you.
  • You love your house and your people, so you believe that your environment influences t in your happiness. 

That’s not for you if....

  • You just care about the price even though you can afford another one. 
  • You don’t mind  the place where your children grow up looks like. 
  • You don’t mind how pretty  your home can be.


Ángeles & David
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Ángeles y David are Headteacher and Director of Studies at a high school. They are bohemian and lovely family that have captivated us. When we met them in 2007, they had just fulfilled their dream and bought a wonderful penthouse with terrace. They had the little David and by the time Daniel arrived… For all these years they have choosen us to create their home .
At this moment ,we are waiting for a bookshelf for the little David (now not so little), because he is a great reader. The family want to share with you these lovely pictures of their crib, and we can´t be more grateful to them.

“We can’t choose only one favourite place of our home. After 12 years, we still have a cozy house, a home with funny places that are confortable and functional. We love our home and Cúbica has been our perfect choise to make the home we craved for” .

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She visited us because she had just bought a new house to live with her beautiful daugther Paula, and she was told about us. Chari and us were in love at first sight. We had a very special conection and we still have it. At that moment, we were designing girl’s bedroom, the office, hall and living room. And together we created spaces that nowadays are still as cool, updated and personal as Chari. A mixture between modern, elegant, simple and chic.

It’s been now, 12 years and we 've worked together in her new kitchen and bathrooms to make them fresh, cheerful and appetizing to live. As she said: “ Thanks for knowing what I want even before myself”.

This is how she talks about us in her social media 🥰 We can't be more grateful to Chari and her family for being so wonderful.
Flori & Manuel
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Flori and Manuel 👩‍❤️‍👨 run an Engineering and Projects Company and we met them when they were working on their wonderful house project 12 years ago 🏡. At that time we made them a complete, decoration project including: furniture, lamps, curtains and decoration 💥. As an anecdote, they were dared to put all the curtains in their house in the same fabric, a white linen burlap that was and still is spectacular... Soon María, Manuel and finally Miguel 🙎‍♀️🙎‍♂️🙎‍♂️ were born, these three beautiful children share their parents passion for readng as you can see in the images. 📚. Right now, we are about to receive Manuel and Miguel's new desk and another bookstore for each of the children, because apparently we are running out of bookstores 😂...

This is what Flori says about us : "He makes it easy for me true, he always offers me what I need with speed, closeness and patience... above all patience... hahaha!! And well, Jose and "el Cano" complete the Cúbica team! They are professionals and careful when it comes to placing the furniture at home! Everything perfect, total satisfaction!!"

A dream come true
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Ester, Alfonso, Rubén and Laura are the protagonists of this happy decorative story😍 A couple of middle-aged sanitary professionals and their two children who always dreamed of having a house where space was not a problem and they have finally achieved it💪

Esther loves playing sports, reading and relaxing. Alfonso is also very sporty but his true passion is music and he has been collecting vinyl records since he was very young. Rubén, like his father, is in love with music and loves to spend hours playing the guitar. Laura, the little one, is also a great reader and is an absolute fan of Harry Potter. The family love dogs and lthey ove their two little dogs, Leia and India, who are super happy in their new and spacious house.

Some neighbours of them 😄 told them about us.
They immediately began to follow us on Social Networks and felt that we were their store 🤗

Esther and Alfonso arrived at Cúbica super excited about their new house and with a lot of wishes and dreams to fulfill but also very lost in their ideas. This was and will be YOUR HOME, that place to share family experiences and each one also has its own personal space.

We start with Laura, Harry Potter's fan .She has a rest space, a spacious work area, a dressing area and most importantly, tons of storage for clothes, books and those wonderful things that make her happy. Rubén's room is dedicated to music, and from which it is difficult to remove according to his parents😄 In both cases we took into account that the children had a lot of space to store their things in an easy and orderly way.

And speaking of daddies, they are really privileged because apart from their bedroom and their dressing room, they also have a personal room each one. Esther shares her space with visitors so sche chose a very comfortable sofa bed. And Alfonso has an a extensive vinyl collection and a large work area with a huge bookstore specially for him.

Isabel Moreno
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“We went to Cúbica when we were building our house to get married because and the project they designed for our kitchen was awesome.

We loved their proposal. We spent many hours working together and in the end they set up the whole house for us, including lamps, curtains, pictures and decoration. Some years later, have returned by our children's rooms and renovate some things in our house . They are higly recommended” .
Ambrosio Pedreño
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""In Cúbica furniture,they are extraordinary !!!!
I am very grateful the staff's personal treatment, both in design and sale as well as in service and assembly. MWe have spent many hours together designing and distributing the spaces of our home ”
María José García
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""Cúbica's windowshop was always on mway to work and it caught my eye because it was out of the the box. So, it was my choise when I had to redecorate it.

It's not just a furniture shop, they also teach you to combine and integrate everything. It's highlt recommended experience. My house has been very very cozy, stylish and with a different touch. Now I recommend them to everyone”
Ana Belén Hernández
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"With my home and my business, I was very clear about what I wanted but I didn't know how to give it a real shape. Someone told me about Cúbica Muebles and I gave it a tryt. Today I have the home and business that I've always wanted. I feel completely identified and comfortable in them. Nothing is left by chance, everything has a meaning, and I love that. What I like most about Cúbica is that the person who advises me always does so unconditionally and disinterestedly.”
Josefina Pedreño
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“For me Cúbica Muebles is closeness, trust, good taste, comfort, variety, good service, distinction, and flexibility”
Manuel Gil
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"I had to furnish my apartment in Almeria and I needed someone to help me. Someone told me about Cúbica Muebles, it really caught our attention the way they listened to me. We loved the result and want to highlight that they are really serious about meeting the agreed assembly dates.
Ana Belén & Fran
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They are a middle-aged couple with 3 children. He's business advisor and she's a nurse. They met us a few years ago, when they needed a new sofa for their precious family, and one of our dear customers told them about us.

On this occasion, they had just bought a flat in a historic building in the center of Cartagena. And their intention was to reform it into two tourist rental apartments. They immediately thought of us for the interior design of the space and came to see us very excited. They brought us the close-ups of the renovation and many photos.

The project fell in love with us from the beginning, and even more so the certainty they had that they were going to do it with us 😊

The first idea of distribution had already worked with the architecture studio, and we dedicated ourselves to shape it. We had to integrate the cabinets, kitchens and bathrooms, and work the spaces to make them functional. We had to make decisions about what we kept and what we discarded.

We wanted to respect the character of the house and its essence. So we restored the old doors and lacquered them in a cheerful green color. The use of color, we could say that is the thread of this project. We have used many and varied to bring joy, freshness and dynamism

We have used new furniture and combined them with treasures that they already had, such as old lamps, side tables, chairs and decorative treats

There have been many phone calls, visits to work, or to choose materials and accessories, both outside, as in our show room. But thanks to that we have forged a nice friendship. And we feel that our love is true and mutual 🤗 Ana Belén and Fran gave us their trust and made us very happy with their project.

Thank you guys so much! It has been a real pleasure working with you!
Juan P. & Jose Enrique
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Juan P. and Jose Enrique came to meet us because they saw a little crazy ad that we posted on social networks and made them laugh.

They had bought a house in a modern neighborhood on the outskirts of the city center of Murcia. A house with glass facade on the main floor, which the boys distributed as a loft, with a living room, kitchen and study open and communicated to each other.

When they arrived at our show room they had already seen many things and had many ideas

When they arrived at our show room they had already seen many things and had many ideas, but they had to be shaped. So we started with the kitchen, in which the breakfast furniture was very important, which was resolved by integrating it next to the ovens in the storage area, with the other hidden appliances. The other area of the kitchen was the island that integrates the large high table and the cooking area For this special corner of the house we chose the combination of green with black.

This was the starting point for the bold and daring palette of colors of this interior design as a whole. All this combined with a lot of plants that bring life, and that together with the other decorative elements chosen by the boys, give the space a touch of distinction, elegance and comfort.

And in order not to lose light, but to bring theatricality to the whole, we chose some fresh white linen curtains over four meters high.

Juan P and Jose love white, clean and minimalist spaces, but that was their previous home. So for this they dared with black, even on walls, and with the use of color without fear. And another nice sample of it is his bedroom, the "The Boys' Suite" with a large head upholstered in capitoné but the most striking thing here is the color of the wall and the moldings that they placed themselves, along with the fantastic wallpaper, in which we were inspired to choose the upholstery of the dressing bench.

We love this project because it represents us a lot, but mainly for the two wonderful people we have met. It has been many hours of work together, but we had a great time and we laughed a lot. With the announcement we linked😂 them and then they fell in love with us😍

We also want to thank you that you have spoken so well of us to so many people, because thanks to them we are now a lot more of Lovley Cubic People!!
Paulina's Story
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Paulina was almost a young girl when she visited us for the first time in 2006. She had bought her own first house just 2 streets behind our store so every time she got home, she saw our window and she wanted to enter but she wasn’t sureshe could probably afford to buy something as everything was cool

In the end she came around and we fell in love with her because she is so kind because she loves her house. At that time, Paulina was single and was very excited to have a canopy bed, “ a princess bed”.

Today, 15 years later, we ‘ve just assembled her twins’ bedroom and enjoys it so excited. We can´t be more grateful to Paulina because of her personality and the way she lives the creation of her home, but what's more, she is best ambassador, she talks about us to everyone. And as Paulina, there are many Cúbics people to whom we are deeply grateful because withou you, we woulb be just a standard furniture store


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